We believe at OsteoGait Podiatry that a definitive solution is often the best solution.

Minor Surgery & Ingrown Toenails

This often involves advising patients on more invasive treatment options to conclusively treat their
underlying Foot & Ankle problems. We offer a wide range of minor surgical procedures, the most
common being Nail Surgery for ingrown/ingrowing or thickened toenails.

  • Your Podiatrist will comprehensively explain the procedure to you.
  • You will be in contact with the OsteoGait Team throughout your surgery process to ensure you
    receive the best care before, during and after the procedure.
  • You may and are encouraged to update you Specialist regularly post-procedure and we will
    always strive to manage your concerns at any hour of the day where possible.

Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is performed under local anaesthetic for the treatment of painful toe nails. This means that
only the affected toe is injected with anaesthetic and numbed. You will be awake throughout the
surgery. You will still be able to feel your toe being moved but you will not feel any pain.
The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and you will be able to carry out the majority of day to day
activities immediately afterwards but need to discuss this further with your Podiatrist.
Once the whole of the nail or part of the nail is removed a chemical (phenol) is applied to the nail bed
and should ensure that the nail does not re-grow, offering a permanent resolution to the problem.
This ensures that you do not need to routinely have a painful ingrown toe-nail cut away and you can be
rid of the problem in its entirety.

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