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Our highly professional team based in Kensington offer prompt diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems using the very latest advancements in foot and ankle healthcare.


Orthotics, Orthoses or Insoles are devices used to alter or modify foot function in order to treat biomechanical foot pain related disorders. Orthotics are an effective method of treating foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain. Our Orthotics are 100% bespoke and custom made from a cast mould of your feet and an individual video gait analysis which formulates the prescription.

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Gait Analysis

A biomechanical or Gait Analysis assessment is very beneficial if you are experiencing pain in your feet or lower limbs but no cause has been established. A biomechanical assessment is the starting point for understanding the cause of your problem, what treatment is needed or whether further investigations are necessary. The analysis allows us to write an accurate prescription for your Orthoses, otherwise it is like buying eye glasses off the shelf with no prescription.

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Ingrowing Toenails

(Nail Surgery)

We offer a wide range of minor surgical procedures, the most common being Nail Surgery for ingrown/ingrowing or thickened toenails. Nail surgery is performed under local anaesthetic for the treatment of painful toenails.

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Verrucas are stubborn and highly contagious viral infections of the skin. Here at OsteoGait Podiatry we utilise the very latest research and most effective surgical and non-surgical methods to help eradicate your Verrucas for good. This is often in the form of Liquid Nitrogen (Freezing), Salycylic Acid (Burning) or a more recent highly safe and effective method known as Verruca Needling.

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    Quality Patient Footcare

    Foot and ankle problems, ailments, and injuries can be uncomfortable at best, and debilitating at worst. OsteoGait offer you cutting-edge treatments and technology – to help you manage, treat, and cure what ails you. Your feet are important.

    Foot and Ankle Injuries

    We specialise in the management of lower limb pain and injury, working closely with athletic individuals. Some foot and ankle injuries can be managed with rehabilitation and preventative measures such as immobilisation and orthoses or insoles. Some injuries may require referral for surgical management, which we are able to further advise you on.

    Diabetic Foot Care

    Foot care should be an important part of every diabetic’s plan for preventing complications of high blood sugar.

    Routine Care

    As well as specialising in sports injury and minor surgery, we offer routine podiatry or chiropody care. This includes the management of a broad range of pathology such as removal of painful corns or callus, ingrown or ingrowing toenails, nail cutting, skin conditions, gout or foot fungus.

    Podiatry and Children (Podopaediatrics)

    Foot care in the early formative years is vitally important and can save many problems in adulthood.


    100% custom made bespoke devices which are placed either on the foot or in the shoe to improve foot function in much the same way that spectacles improve imperfect eyesight.


    Our highly-skilled physiotherapists specialise in restoring your normal function and movement patterns so you can get on with everyday life.

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    Patient testimonials

    We go the extra mile to please our customers – see below for some of our Google Reviews

    Recent appointment for joint pain resulted in a very positive experience. Mr Modha was extremely patient and listened to me and was very clear explaining my condition and best ways forward. I was left feeling confident I was in good hands. He was most helpful when I required a quick question immediately following the appointment.
    I have already recommended him to my friends. The reception on arrival was lovely and polite.

    Helen Newby

    Have used this place twice and really recommend them. Was getting shin-splints when running so had a gait analysis by Ravi and custom insoles – not a problem since. Also had a simple procedure on my toe – again really good service – was quick, painless and I felt I was in good hands with the thorough advice and after-care. 5 Stars.

    Sumeet Hindocha

    Had smashed a toenail in a sporting injury, that led to a complex ingrown toenail. The team at OsteoGait expertly assessed the problem, performed surgery and had me back in training in no time at all.

    Service from Mr Modha was impeccable and the treatment was excellent. I’d highly recommend them!

    Azeem Lalani

    Mr Modha performed the surgery for my ingrowing toenail and all I can say is wow! As a woman it is hard to put your faith in a male with such an intricate operation with this sensitive area of the body (for me any way). I have worn heels for years throughout my modelling career and boy have they taken their toll on my feet! Mr Modha was kind and always so knowledgable during his consultations and is always there when you need him for advice when you are recovering from your operation. I would not hesitate to call him my Podiatrist for life and highly recommend him for anyone with a lower limb problem within the kensington, notting hill, london area.

    Surina Hindocha

    I much appreciate the consultations, explanations and treatment received at OsteoGait Podiatry. Glad to have found this service in the heart of Kensington. Thanks.

    Jacqueline Tucker

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