Verruca Package (Same day Initial Consultation, Needling Procedure & Follow-up)


Product Description

  • Verrucas may be treated with topical or invasive procedures
  • Fungal infections of the skin/nails require topical treatment and rarely surgery
  • Your Podiatrist will assess, diagnose and advise on the best course of treatment

Skin and nail conditions can often be a challenging problem to deal with alone. Often, we can see photos or read online and feel we have a particular condition. This can sometimes be an effective way to manage a problem, however if you seek a professional diagnosis and advice, your Podiatrist will be able to happily listen to and discuss your concerns.

Common conditions/symptoms may include:

o   Fungal Nails

o   Corns/Callus

o   Athletes Foot

o   Verrucas

o   Thickened nails or flaking skin

o   Wounds/Sore/Blistering

o   Cellulitis

o   Rash

o   Swelling

What will the Podiatrist do for my problem?

You will first receive an Initial Consultation where we will assess, diagnose and advise on the available treatment options which will be outlined to you. A joint decision will then be made on your individual management plan, suited to your needs and tied in with the best available scientific evidence. Most treatments/procedures are billed at an additional cost (therefore please refer to our Price Charter prior to your Consultation), though simple procedures may be undertaken during the appointment at no further expense.


    Our services cover the following locations (if your location is not listed please don’t hesistate to get in touch and ask us if we can help you):

    Kensington – W8 – W14 – SW7 – Notting Hill – W11 – W2 – W10 – Chelsea – SW10 – Knightsbridge SW1 – SW3 – Fulham – SW6 – Hammersmith – W6 – W12 – Hyde Park and Holland Park


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